Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average length of stay in your program?

Typically our average length of stay is between six and eighteen months dependent upon the severity of the client’s mental health issues and level of motivation.

Who do you accept referrals from?

We accept referrals from probation, social services, adoption assistance & education/mental health departments.

Because your beds are ordinarily full, will you put kids on a wait list?

Yes, because we have such a high success rate of stabilizing kids who have failed other programs, our beds are typically full. However, we are continuously accepting referrals and will place eligible youth on our wait list until a bed becomes available.

What sort of recreational activities do you offer?

We regularly engage our residents in enriching social, recreational and play activities to give them opportunities to improve their social skills and to develop healthy relationships with others. Youth are engaged in weekly activities in the local community. These activities include: swimming at a local water park, playing sports and bbq’ing at local parks, trips to the area cinema, and fishing at local lakes. We also offer exciting trips to places like Disneyland, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Deep-Sea Fishing excursions, and professional sporting events.

Is enrollment at DNA Community School open to kids not placed with your organization?

No, enrollment at DNA Community School is only open to youth placed in our residential program.

Does DNA Community School require an IEP or NPS designation prior to placement?

No, since DNA Community School is not a Nonpublic School, residents are not required to have an IEP prior to placement.

Does DN Associates require a mental health contract for placement in it’s facilities?

No, unlike most RCL-14 programs in California, DN Associates does not require a mental health contract. Most therapeutic services are provided at the standard RCL-14 rate.